After last year’s successful Learning Week in Sicily, we decided to organise a second one for this year. Therefore we spent one week at the Surf Office in Lisbon in October 2016 with the goal to freshen our technical skills, discuss the future of our company and strengthen our team spirit. We scheduled different technical and operational workshops and some leisure time to explore Lisbon.

In the technical lessons we improved our skills in software engineering. We did a code retreat workshop, where we pair-programmed the same task with different colleagues to learn different ways to approach the same problem. Further we participated in different presentations about project organisation, that showed us interesting methods of operation. Lastly we had a close look at new and arising technologies, to keep up with the trends in software development.

During our operational workshop we discussed how we want to proceed and organise ourselves in the future due to our company’s growth. We analysed our current workflows and the tools we work with to find out where and how we can improve our efficiency. Afterwards we reviewed the last year and talked about positive and challenging experiences.

The evenings included social activities such as games or dinners out in Lisbon. We also took a day off to go surfing and sightseeing.

Looking back on our Learning Week we can say, that we improved our technical skills, worked out many interesting inputs for our internal organisation and strengthened our team spirit.

Now back in Switzerland – we are super motivated and well prepared for more technical challenges!

Learning Week Team Spirit Lisbon Portugal